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«Ali-Mama» hammam

«Ali-Mama» hammam is the absolute ritual of heat, steam, massage exfoliation, and relaxation. You begin your hammam ritual on the warm marble stone, with a rejuvenating steam bath and water cascading along your body before a deep exfoliating scrub (with a single-use ketseas) from our professional masseurs. Next, indulge yourself in an invigorating and luxurious full-body massage with foam and rich, delightful bubbles from natural olive oil soap to cover the body and the hair as the hammam ends with a deep cleanse and conditioning of your hair and head massage. Before returning back to reality, you can retreat into our lounge where you can enjoy our tea and traditional delights.

Duration:The scrub, the massage and the hair wash last half an hour, while the whole experience of the hammam ritual could last from one to one and a half hours.

Price: 45€