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What is Hammam

Street Asomaton Melidoni 1 & 17, Thissio created the hammam baths, a simple but modern space with respect to the tradition of traditional baths to convey an authentic hammam experience in our country, to share the refreshing feeling that we felt, to propagate or better to restore the culture and everyday life, which was an integral part of centuries ago. We chose the center of Athens because this fits such a place in every respect. Near the “Bathroom of the Winds” that survives in the Plaka, and the center of developments in our city. In the liveliest spot, here is happening all the new and interesting facts. In the hammam baths we convey the atmosphere and magic of oriental bath, with its imposing dome, round marble bench in the center and individual bowls around in the warm, while all rooms are designed with respect for tradition and adapted to modern life. Escape from everyday life, enjoy the thermal properties of steam, enjoy a deep exfoliation and a soothing massage. Relax with your tea … and keep your day or evening in downtown Athens. Refresh yourself by visiting the hammam baths lifestyle!

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